Recall request

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In CTI, a Recall request (Rückrufbitte) should be added.

Therefore, on the telephony entries, a button should be created with which you can send a recall request to a business partner. This button is also supposed to be on every caller card.

Once you click the button, the CTI user List is supposed to open. There, you can select a user who should receive the recall request. Directly after that, a window is supposed to open where you can define the subject for the recall request. After you type in the subject and click "ok", a notification "The user has been notified about the recall request" is supposed to be opened.

The recall request then gets sent out via Mail and via a notification in the role center to the respective CTI user. Therefore, CTI is supposed to use the Standard SMTP Setup, as well as an e-mail template.

Planned Suggested by: Michael Pardulla Upvoted: 09 Sep, '21 Comments: 0

Comments: 0